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Plans Starting At...


  • Clean Water Line
  • Skim Top
  • Test Chemicals
  • & More!

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Quarterly Equipment Maintenance

  • Clean Salt Cell
  • Test Chemicals
  • Inspect Pump Seals
  • Inspect Jets
  • & More!

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Further, I would like to add that all of the staff members that have come here have been polite and helpful. Kris [...] genuinely care(s) about the customer concerns and goes out of his way to make it all work.

Susan C.
Crestview, Fl

Phoenix Pool Services does a wonderful job! Their technicians are always very nice, respectful and helpful!

Chelsi C.
Crestview, Fl

Services provided by Phoenix Pool Services are excellent. I am very pleased with the immediate response I receive when I call. Thank you!

Cynthia R.
Crestview, FL

We'll Teach You...

  • Two Hours of Instructional Time
    • One of our experience service people will come out and meet with you personally for up to two hours of instructional time.
  • Chemical Basics
    • Water chemistry will cover the basics of chlorine salt systems if applicable pH balance total alkalinity water hardness and stabilizer.
  • How to Clean Your Pool
    • Call cleaning we will show you how to clean your pool full cleaning not included.
  • Equipment Operation
    • Equipment operation we will show you how to operate your pool equipment.
  • Spark or Water Features
    • How to safely turn the items on and off how to use your spark or water feature.
  • Equipment Maintenance
    • Equipment maintenance will go over the essential of pool equipment maintenance.
  • Our Service Plans
    • Will go over all the services that the company provides.

Swimming Pool School

As a pool owner, there is a lot of required maintenance you must do regularly to keep your pool sparkling clean and healthy so you and your family can enjoy it. Many of these maintenance steps can be very time consuming and confusing especially if you are new to owning a pool. With a lot of contradictory information and articles on the internet, who should a pool owner turn to for advice? The experts at Phoenix Services LLC now offer a Pool School to teach you and your family how to maintain your pool. They conduct the course right at the convenience of your own pool. Let them show you how to:

  • Properly clean and vacuum your pool
  • Backwash your filter
  • Chemical Management
  • Proper Water Health
  • Pool Chemistry
  • Pool Filter maintenance
  • Opening/closing procedures
  • And much more

Phoenix Services has been keeping up residential and commercial pools right here on the Gulf Coast of Florida for 12 years. All of our technicians are Certified Pool Operators (CPO) in the State of Florida and are certified by the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF).

Call us today to schedule your Pool School so you can learn to take care of your pool like a professional.

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